Standardized RFID solution, multiple references

Antra ID has dealt with RFID solutions for more than a decade. It developed a standardized RFID gate solution that can be used for different purposes.

The gates pre-process the received data and send the cleaned data to a server application.

The production lines’ raw material supply has been outsourced to an external supplier. The 3PL provider transports the material from the warehouse to the production lines by vehicles equipped with an RFID tag. The gates detect the tags at passing and provide information on the vehicle’s departure, arrival time, and punctuality.

A client transports raw materials from an external warehouse by trucks. Its production facility has multiple loading docks. Antra ID’s RFID solution detects the trucks and indicates on a display whether the trucks arrived on time and at the appropriate port or not.

Automated guided vehicles (AGV) transport goods from one production line to another. An SAP transaction automatically books these events. The client started to use the Antra ID installed RFID gates to identify the movement of the trolleys and book the events with the same SAP transaction of the AGVs.

Goods in the process are transported on returnable plastic pallets. Due to the increasing production volume, an automatic identification solution was needed for the pallets to move between warehouses. Each pallet received an RFID tag, and RFID gates detected the tags. These gates are integrated with Antra ID’s WMS, which enables automatic stock-taking.