Standardized RFID solution, multiple references

Antra ID has been providing RFID solutions for over a decade and has developed a standardized RFID gate solution that can be used for various purposes. The gates pre-process the received data and send it to a server application, enabling real-time tracking and analysis.

One of the primary use cases for our RFID gate solution is transporting raw materials. In this scenario, a 3PL provider transports raw materials from an external warehouse to a production facility using vehicles equipped with RFID tags. The gates at the production facility detect the tags as the vehicles pass, providing information on the vehicle’s departure, arrival time, and punctuality. This allows the client to track and monitor the movement of materials in real time, improving the efficiency and accuracy of their operations.

Another use case for our RFID gates is in tracking AGVs as they transport goods from one production line to another. In this scenario, the RFID gates are integrated with the client’s SAP system, allowing them to automatically book events and track the movement of trolleys in real time.

Finally, our RFID gates can also be used in warehouse operations to identify and track goods on returnable plastic pallets automatically. In this scenario, each pallet is equipped with an RFID tag, and the gates at the warehouse detect the tags as the pallets pass, enabling automatic stock-taking and real-time tracking of materials.

Overall, our RFID gate solution provides a versatile and flexible solution for tracking and monitoring the movement of goods in various environments, helping our clients improve the efficiency and accuracy of their operations.