End-to-end automated guided transport with tracking & tracing of material supply

The customer has introduced AGV supported transportation system in its production plant. To ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the plant, AGVs require regular service and support.

Antra ID executes the AGVs’ commissioning and the service and support related to mechatronics and IT.

The entire material supply is tracked and traced together by SAP and the AGV system and is automatically booked into the SAP system.

AGVs have outstanding load-bearing capacities (1.2 tons) and are fully automated.

Antra ID has a long-term contract related to the service and support of the 29 AGVs.

Reliable AGV system operated 24/7 with three levels of service and support (level 1 – on-site, level 2 – off-site at the Company, Level 3 – off-site at the manufacturer).

Automated, fully tracked, and automatically booked material supply.