Automated Guided Vehicles commissioning and service & support

End-to-end automated guided transport with tracking & tracing of material supply

The customer has introduced an AGV-supported transportation system in their production plant. To ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the plant, the AGVs require regular service and support. Antra ID provides these services, including commissioning, mechatronics, and IT support.

The AGVs have a load-bearing capacity of 1.2 tons and are fully automated, allowing for efficient and reliable transportation of materials within the production plant. Antra ID has a long-term contract in place for the service and support of the 29 AGVs, providing three levels of support (on-site, off-site at the company, and off-site at the manufacturer) to ensure reliable operation 24/7.

The entire material supply is tracked and traced using SAP and the AGV system and is automatically booked into the SAP system. This ensures that the movement of materials is fully automated and tracked, providing real-time visibility and enabling more efficient and accurate operations.

Overall, Antra ID’s end-to-end automated guided transport solution provides a reliable and efficient way to track and transport materials within a production plant, improving the efficiency and accuracy of the customer’s operations.