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Public libraries promote literacy, education, and lifelong learning in communities. They provide a wide range of resources, including books, periodicals, audiovisual materials, and computer access, catering to the diverse needs of their visitors.

As of 2021, Hungary had 3.3 thousand public libraries nationwide. Where millions of books with their registration and proper place in the library are stored, all these places struggle with the same problem. The library staff or visitors sometimes do not return books to their dedicated places. This disorganization can lead to difficulties in locating and finding specific titles. It can impact the overall efficiency of the library’s operations and cause discomfort for people searching.

Librarians may struggle to locate specific books, resulting in discrepancies between the catalog and the physical collection. The staff may spend considerable time searching for misplaced books, diverting their attention from other critical tasks, and may face increased workloads due to reorganizing lost books regularly. When books are returned to their proper places, it becomes easier for library staff to retrieve requested items promptly.

Visitors may struggle to find books they are interested in due to misplacement. This frustration could deter them from returning to the library or result in negative feedback about its organization.

The inefficient organization caused by misplaced books can lead to a decrease in book circulation. If readers cannot easily find the materials they seek, they may borrow fewer items overall. Lost books can also lead to budgetary challenges. If books are returned on time or are recovered, the library may need to allocate funds to replace the missing items, impacting the overall budget.

Antra ID’s Smart Library Solutions use advanced technology to manage books in the library efficiently. Each book gets a small tag with a unique code that’s easily attached. Special devices around the library detect these tags and track where books are. When someone borrows a book, the tag is scanned at the checkout counter, updating the system to show it’s borrowed. As people move around the library, the system tracks where books are in real time. If a book isn’t returned where it should be, the system alerts the library staff to find it.

Antra ID’s Smart Library Solution seamlessly integrates with the library’s existing management system. This ensures that all data, including book inventory, readers’ records, and borrowing history, is up-to-date and easily accessible. With real-time tracking and automated alerts, library staff can efficiently manage book inventory, reduce the time spent searching for misplaced books, and ensure a well-organized and user-friendly library environment.



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