At Antra ID, our skilled professionals design and implement customized automated solutions to enhance client efficiency, productivity, and safety, drawing from our expertise in intralogistics automation.


We cover all stages of the project from planning to implementing optimal system operation including MTM analysis, customization, IT integration, quality control, maintenance, helpdesk, and hardware/software service.

Track & Trace Solutions

We provide real-time tracking, driverless device integration, and optimized delivery systems for diverse goods, ensuring complete visibility and control.

Inventory Solutions

We create systems for precise inventory of goods and production equipment across warehouse, production, and transport, enhancing visibility, control, and inventory management.

Advanced applications of our solutions

Instant Inventory: Solutions for Warehouses

Do you need help to maintain control over your warehouse inventory? Is misplaced stock causing delays and frustrating your customers?

Instant Inventory: Smart Cabinet

Are inefficient tool management and security concerns bogging down your production environment? Embrace the future of streamlined operations and enhanced security with Antra ID’s cutting-edge Smart Cabinet Solution.

Instant Inventory: Libraries

Are you tired of searching for misplaced books in your library? Elevate your library’s efficiency, enhance the patron experience, and take your library to new heights of success.

Pick by Light

Pick by light is a system used in assembly operations to help workers quickly and accurately identify the parts they need to pick and assemble.

Environment & Event Logging System

Absolute control of what happened to the shipment during transport, whether over shorter or longer distances!

Covid-19 Vaccine Quality Management

During the transport of medical equipment and medicines, the requirements for the storage of medicines, vaccines…

Fixed Asset Inventory

At Antra ID, we understand that the office is the heart of your company, and we can help you ensure…

Automated Location Identification System

In the warehouse, our priority is to keep material and inventory moving efficiently and accurately…

Automated Permanent Stock-take Solution

In the warehouse, every component, material, or even a screwdriver has its place, and when using it, all you have to…

Smart Safety System for Shop Applications

Retail is about more than moving things off the shelves. Moves troops from place to place. Your business depends on the smooth flow of people and goods…

Distribution Path Finder or eCommerce

With the expansion of e-commerce, there is an increasing demand for satisfactory performance of Omni-Channel procedures, so Last…

Turbo Mobile Workstation

With tthe significant growth of both the traditional manufacturing sector and the local logistics…

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