Absolute control of what happened to the shipment during transport, whether over shorter or longer distances!

From chemicals and pharmaceutical products through supporting materials to food, strict temperature conditions are required for transportation. Why? Because otherwise, the entire production is disrupted and, in the case of damage to food and pharmaceutical products, even human health.

With goods on the move at any hour, day, or night, you need reliable technology that won’t let you down, and you have an overview of what happened to the shipment during transit. For example, whether the package has been damaged and thus the temperature has been disturbed.

The solution for End-to-end tracking & tracing of temperature-sensitive products enables automatic monitoring of products and materials to be transported and stored at extremely shallow temperatures with continuous monitoring of conditions.

Antra ID inserts semi-passive RFID tags into packaging with products requiring special conditions, which means that the tag in the packaging monitors the status at pre-programmed intervals (say every 15 minutes, for example).

The shipment arrives at the warehouse and goes through automatic identification gates equipped with antennas at the entrance.

  • Using light signals and other escalating techniques, the responsible employee in the warehouse is alerted immediately to transport the goods to the relevant storage room as soon as possible.
  • The parameters are monitored up to the moment of unboxing the materials.
  • All information about the entire process can be obtained by reading the data from the RFID logger.
  • The shipment can thus be tracked during the entire transport.
  • In the case of a potential or degraded product, it is easy to identify during which process and at which moment the non-compliance with the required technological parameters of transport occurred and, therefore, clearly determine responsibility.
  • Data related to the shipment arriving at the manufacturing site can be easily integrated into various enterprise control systems when needed.
  • RFID loggers can be reused for up to 2-3 years, depending on, for example, the number of uses and track & trace parameters.