In the warehouse, our priority is to keep material and inventory moving efficiently and accurately without putting our customers at risk of losing or misplacing items.

When you’re manufacturing goods, you can’t compromise on quality – and we feel the same about warehouse efficiency. When every second counts, it’s a necessity, not a luxury!

To guarantee that the forklift puts the pallet with goods in the proper storage location, we offer a solution that uses barcode or RFID technology to identify all material being processed in the warehouse automatically.

The forklift is equipped with fixed readers based on the chosen technology, which captures the ID of the pallet as it is lifted. The software on the forklift terminal then sends the target storage location information to the operator.

When the forklift arrives at the given location, the reader automatically captures the storage location ID, ensuring that the correct palette is assigned to the proper storage location.

This helps improve warehouse operations’ accuracy and efficiency, leading to better customer satisfaction and enhanced profitability.