Whether you run a boutique or a busy shopping mall, your business lives or dies by keeping customers coming – and coming back.

Retail is about more than moving things off the shelves. Moves goods from place to place. Your business depends on the smooth flow of people and goods.

Of course, the reality is that the more you expose, the more you make yourself a target – so reduce theft and break-ins with physical and electronic security.

With our security solution, you kill two birds with one stone. First, we support the security system of shops with high-value goods with our UHF RFID technology. Second, the applied technology allows daily stock-taking to be managed quickly and continuously.

Each product item in the shop gets an RFID tag with a unique ID code.

In the case of purchasing, the given object is placed on an RFID desktop writer-reader device, where its RFID Tag receives an ID code, which can leave the shop without disruptions.

If you steal a product, CT the antennas, install the top of the shop room to detect the not-deactivated RFID tag, and the system starts alerting.

Additionally, the implemented RFID system supports an automated, fast and continuous stock inventory.