Make sure you're selecting the right supplies for your environment! Using the correct labels, tags, and printing supplies is the first step to reliable and accurate scanning and printing.


Make sure you're selecting the right supplies for your environment! Using the correct labels, tags, and printing supplies is the first step to reliable and accurate scanning and printing.

Ensure inventory labels are stocked up in your warehouse to keep tabs on all your products.

Printers work with specific labels and ribbons. If a company misuses labels/ribbons, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to correctly read the barcode/RFID data.

Thanks to extensive 30 years of experience and deep knowledge in barcoding and RFID technologies, we know precisely which material, size, and printing technology fit proper operation and which labels and tags are suitable for the systems and complete solutions (printed/programmed labels/tags).

Our supplies include regular service and support of printers.

Antra ID has many years of experience providing labels for different application areas and other label printers. The company also offers ready-made label solutions for customers where mechanic impact-resistant, humidity-resistant, heat-resistant, and solvent-resistant labels are needed.


Many brands are on the market, and their application defines which one should be selected. The functional requirements and the application areas determine which label should be chosen for the project.

Based on its size and form, there are plenty of variations existing. The space for applying the label and the amount of carried data define the size of the label brand. Additionally, the specification of the label printer should also be considered.

In the case of self-adhesive labels, the strength of the glue on the brand can also determine the label’s application areas. In this case t, here are two classifications:

  • general use, permanent adhesive,
  • high adhesion, durable adhesive,
  • removable adhesive,
  • high and low (freezable) temperature-resistant,
  • washable (with water) adhesive,
  • safety adhesive.

A good quality label and well-designed and well-completed printing are essential for a productive operation. Therefore, you need to consult an expert. Inappropriate design and printed labels can affect the label printer itself and the lifecycle of printheads, thus increasing maintenance costs. Besides the higher operating cost, the reading process of poorly designed and printed labels can be more difficult, harming the operation.

In our product portfolio, you can find from the simple unprinted paper label, labels of polyester, polyamide, and other synthetic materials to ceramic materials resistant to 1400 °C and destructive security labels (void), which are made for the barcode. We deliver labels to our clients regulated under a framework contract every month, and our Service Department completes preventive maintenance of the working label printers.

RFID tags

RFID-based automatic identification (Radio Frequency Identification) is vital in logistics and production. In an RFID system, tags are the data (digital data) carriers.

The functional requirements of the application areas define which RFID tag should be selected for the project.

  • Based on its physical characteristics, RF (Radio Frequency) specifications (frequency range, reading distance, chip, memory, material compatibility…), environmental features, and plenty of RFID tags are available on the market.
  • According to its frequency range, there are tags with Low (LF), High (HF), Ultrahigh (UHF), and Superhigh (SHF) Frequencies.


Our product portfolio includes active, semi-passive, and passive tags, from straightforward, printable labels to unique hard tags resistant to highly harsh mechanical impacts.

Although the cost value of RFID tags is higher than other labels, they can store and process much bigger data.

Barcode and RFID Label printers

Barcode is the most common way for the goods’ automatic identification. In many cases, the barcode must be printed out and applied to the articles.

Depending on the application, the label printers must meet different label printing requirements, label forwarding, and application demands, and portability options are also crucial in several cases. 

For RFID-based automatic identification projects, there are also RFID printers available that can program and print on RFID labels too.