Over the past few years, the automotive industry has undergone a dramatic transformation. Sustainability issues, product safety, the transition to electromobility, chip shortages, and supply chain disruptions have affected the industry more than ever. All of this drives companies towards automation.

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The automotive industry is the most robotized and has long maintained its leading role in the number of robot installations. 2020 was the first year the electronics industry surpassed the car industry in the number of robot installations, but even so, 80,000 robots were installed in the automotive industry in 2020 alone.

Mobile robots in logistics

Companies can use cobots and mobile robots more and more widely to replace more and more work processes. Among OEMs and Tier 1, 2, and 3 suppliers, autonomous mobile robots (AMR) offer attractive opportunities for automating internal logistics and material handling. Disruptions in the supply chain require the development of internal transportation, and automation is also a good answer for dealing with labor problems. AMRs can serve all this safely and intuitively, without operational accidents, while maintaining flexibility.

With the increasing adoption of automation, the cost per robot will continue to decrease. The price of an industrial robot in 2021 is only 16% of the 1996 price (deflation price). The price drop has significantly increased the affordability of robots, making it easier for small companies to adopt them.

No matter big or small

Nowadays, company size is no longer an obstacle to the robotization of work processes. Antra ID Kft. with sister companies Auware Engineering Kft. and Automa CZ s.r.o. oversees and provides the entire automation process from planning through installation and programming to maintenance.

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