The expansion of AMR fleets is the most crucial trend in mobile robotics. More and more companies that have already started automation will expand from a few robots to a large AMR fleet, resulting in an expected market growth of 50% per year. According to Eurofound, 39% of manufacturing companies in Eastern Europe suffer from labor shortages, which is a limiting factor in production, so employees must be shifted from simple tasks to jobs that create more value.

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The second trend is to reach the next level of robot maintenance because AMR robots can perform predictive maintenance during their charging. In this way, costly and time-consuming repairs can be eliminated. In terms of the future of robotics, industrial 5G will cause the following significant change, while the fourth big trend will be artificial intelligence. Today, advanced AMR robots use artificial intelligence to provide capabilities such as more accurate object identification or information-based driving for safe maneuvering in congested environments, all while using less energy.

AMR fleets sometimes work 24/7, and vehicle manufacturers need more capacity for operation and service in Hungary. Choose the expertise and experience when you entrust the future of your plant to automated intralogistics! Antra ID Kft. oversees the entire value-creating process, from programming to the connected ERP system!

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