Digital transformation is taking place quickly in many industries, but nowhere faster than in the electronics industry.

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2020 proved to be a historic year in the history of robotics, as the automotive industry lost its position in the electronics industry as the largest customer of industrial robots, meaning the electrical/electronics industry became the primary customer of industrial robots (World Robotics Report 2022).

Robotic automation is an increasingly attractive alternative for electronics manufacturers working with highly narrow profit margins. Transporting goods from A to B does not generate value; AMRs thus enable the reassignment of employees to higher-value tasks. AMRs adapt to dynamic conditions on the go, work entire shifts, charge themselves automatically, and do not need external control.

Would you like your employees to be able to focus on value-adding processes? Would you achieve just-in-time material flow? The automation of intralogistics is the logical step. AMRs can be quickly sent to new routes if the layout of the production space changes. Antra ID Kft. Takes care of the planning, commissioning, and operation of modern IT systems and AGV fleets, enabling efficient and effective logistics operations.

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