The future of warehousing: Let the machines do the work

Automation is here: robots work instead of handcarts, and the software manages data instead of paper folders. In the future warehouse, intelligent machines will be necessary for essential work processes, which will help solve one of the biggest problems of warehouses, the labor shortage.

Work in Factory 4.0

You can find electricity instead of petrol at the gas station. Cars drive through traffic jams themselves, and factories always know where the parts, materials, and spare parts are for production. Spare parts are ordered by themselves, and machines can call a service technician. This is what the near future will look like!

Changing car industry

Over the past few years, the automotive industry has undergone a dramatic transformation. Sustainability issues, product safety, the transition to electromobility, chip shortages, and supply chain disruptions have affected the industry more than ever. All of this drives companies towards automation.

Mobile robotics trends in 2023

The expansion of AMR fleets is the most crucial trend in mobile robotics. More and more companies that have already started automation will expand from a few robots to a large AMR fleet, resulting in an expected market growth of 50% per year. According to Eurofound, 39% of manufacturing companies in Eastern Europe suffer from labor shortages, which is a limiting factor in production, so employees must be shifted from simple tasks to jobs that create more value.