Antra ID became a strategic partner to its client by providing service and support.

Antra ID has installed many systems and sold equipment to one of its largest (automotive) clients. However, these systems and equipment need constant service and support.

Antra ID has two regularly renewed three-year service and support agreements (SSA) with its largest client. One related to software and one connected to the equipment.

Based on the SSAs the Company provides:

Equipment purchases and integration: Antra ID provides an equipment catalog for the client to shorten the purchasing procedure. The Company installs, integrates, and services the ordered equipment.

Preventive maintenance: regular checking, quality management, regular information supply to the client on equipment usage, and training in case of improper use.

Online system support: Antra ID has access to the client’s ticketing system, where employees can submit their requests in case of any problem. The Company provides on-demand accessibility (8/5-24/7).

Ad-hoc repairs: three service levels (level 1 – on-site, level 2 – off-site at the Company, Level 3 – off-site at the manufacturer); the Company also provides a replacement pool.

Regular training: help desk, the field of work training and education programs, and activities for new colleagues.

Antra ID provided service and support for 3500+ equipment last year.