Providing label supplies, and service and maintenance for printer devices

Label printing supplies, including services

A Tier 1 French automotive supplier struggled with label printing issues during high-volume production. To ensure the continuous flow of logistics label printing processes, it is crucial to use the right supplies to maintain the quality of the goods. Additionally, each printer and its related accessories need regular maintenance to ensure proper functionality.

To address these issues, Antra ID and the customer signed an agreement for Antra ID to supply labels and ribbons for their barcode printers, as well as provide ongoing maintenance for the 150+ printers. Antra ID has established long-term relationships with several labels and ribbon suppliers, allowing us to provide the best-fitting quality supplies at a reasonable price. To meet traceability demands, each supply has a unique batch number for easy identification and support in the event of any issues.

Through this agreement, the customer can reduce costs by avoiding production shutdowns due to a lack of supplies or damaged printers and can always count on a reasonable amount of backup supplies. This helps to improve their operations’ overall efficiency and accuracy to better customer satisfaction and enhanced profitability.