WMS solution for registering return packaging

The optimal flow of return packaging has a crucial role in a complex automotive manufacturing process. Insufficient amount or quality of packaging (e.g., boxes, containers) could result in interruptions in the production process.

To ensure the continuous flow of return packaging, accurate and up-to-date inventory data is needed, which can only be achieved by a dedicated IT system.

The basis of the registry system is the MDC data collecting platform, which enables digital, simplified inventory booking and real-time data provision. It replaces manual booking, often resulting in inaccurate data.

Besides inventory booking, tailor-made processes related to the material handling flow at the data entry level enabled transparent processes and prepared the data for further analyses.

The software platform is integrated with the client’s reporting system but can be combined with new technologies (such as RFID and UWB).

While previously, data processing was carried out every week, with this complex system, the essential material handling processes can be evaluated in real-time.

The precision of key metrics at the return packaging warehouse has substantially improved, and due to the more precise and frequent metrics, the client’s logistical expenses considerably decreased.