Logistics and transportation are responsible for almost 23 percent of carbon dioxide emissions, with intralogistics accounting for a quarter.

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Reducing carbon dioxide emissions and increasing efficiency are basic expectations in today’s intralogistics developments.

Sustainability is about optimizing processes, which also means optimizing costs. Automation helps to eliminate bottlenecks, but it also has additional benefits that also play a role in optimizing warehouse tasks. After all, automation may contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the entire company.

What advantages can we talk about here?

In the medium and long term, operating costs are reduced thanks to process safety, the quality of services improves, errors are minimized, turnaround times are shortened, employees are more satisfied as the physical workload is reduced, and security in the warehouse is greater.

First, problem areas and bottlenecks in the warehouse must be inspected.

  • Where are the weak points in the daily operation visible?
  • Is there a structural solution for those repeatedly facing the same challenges?
  • We can free up resources and optimize material handling by automating the transport and loading processes.

This is where the value of a partnership with a strong systems integrator cannot be underestimated! Antra ID Kft., a proud member of Central European Automation Holding (CEAH), will closely analyze your business and develop the solution that best fits your current and future needs, with the flexibility necessary for the unpredictable. Customers always have unique needs; everyone wants to implement a solution tailored to their warehouse and plant. In most cases, we find a solution for this. The most significant advantage of Antra ID Kft. is that we provide a full range of services.

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