NEWtechtalk: A way to achieve full warehouse automation!

Intralogistics processes consist of many components that require a high level of expertise. In a recent episode of NEWtechtalk, we examined the possibility of achieving complete warehouse automation.

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From November 2021, the Czech-based Central European Automation Holding will now belong to three companies that can operate in parallel. The companies in the group complement each other so that they also reliably and quickly complete more significant projects. This synergy is currently being deepened. The Czech company Automa CZ specializes in designing and manufacturing target machines, production lines, and robotic workstations. Aware Engineering provides PLC programming in addition to the production lines and creates smaller, additional production lines. And Antra ID Kft. provides intralogistics solutions.

The IT manager of Antra ID Kft., János Pesti, presented our magazine with the pitfalls, solutions, and opportunities inherent in intralogistics. The company has such a background that they understand the operation of intralogistics and IT. Thus, they can provide a solution that serves the optimal function of processes in the field of material handling.

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