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 What can we do for you?

"State of the art" production, shipping, warehousing, distribution, retail and inventory control cannot be performed without product identification integrated into the company ERP systems. Our company, Antra ID Kft. has been working in this business since 1990, serving customers operating in any stage of this supply chain. We offer our products and expertise to our customers who want to

  • make their job easier and faster,

  • improve their performance, reliability and quality,

  • decrease human resources and possibility of human errors,

  • make tighter control on their inventory and stock,

  • get better overview on their goods,

  • improve the value of their product...

Our focus is to keep you satisfied…

Our success is based on our contribution to your success. We could not achieve this goal simply selling various „Auto ID” products. We know our customers are involved in their own business and they do not like paying for expensive organization to manage, maintain and develop your product identification subsystem. That's why we can become real partners of you from the earliest stage of system design and implementation based on our wide, practical applications experience.

Our goal is to help you to avoid "traps" and to find customized, cost-effective solutions. However our relations with you just begins when your newly installed system starts to work: we are at your disposal to support you in "fine tuning" and maintenance as well, during the whole life of your system. We don't leave you alone with your supply needs, repair and of course, we also do our best to meet your requirements of your future developments.

Many companies have a number of doors - but "Customer Service" operates behind only one of them. We also do it so - but this only door is our "Main Entrance". To do the best to serve our customers is the primary job of every member of our team and the team itself: you can rely on us.

A good system is made of reliable parts

If you need a successful, reliable system, you need more than engineering experiences: you need high quality system components, devices, software tools and supplies. That's why we offer a product range covering the highest quality Auto ID technologies and applications available in Hungary. Many of these products are exclusively represented by us - based on the authorization, technical and commercial support of our supplier partners.

Our product range contains fully tested and proven products. We are convinced that a good device is not the cheapest one, a good solution - including our reliable, careful and sustained services as well - provides a lower cost of ownership during the whole life of your system because of the

  • reliable operation

  • low failure rate

  • low maintenance costs

  • short repair time

  • highest possible system performance and availability....

Our main product ranges and major supplier partners are the followings:

  • Consultancy (Logistics, Voice, SAP and other ERP integration...) and Services

  • Voice Systems: Solutions, Detailed Functional Design, System Development and Integration  /Zetes

  • RF Systems: Solutions, Networks, Hand Held and Vehicle Mount Terminals, RFID, System Integration
    /Cisco, DloG, Psion Teklogix

  • Hand Held Industrial Bar Code Scanners Linear and 2D Imagers, Hand Held Data Collection Devices 
    /Baracoda, Casio, Denso, Honeywell (Hand Held Products)

  • Bar Code and Label Printers, Supplies, RFID, Label Design Software 
    /Avery Dennison (Monarch Marking Systems, Paxar), Godex, Seagull Scientific.

We work as a Team…

Marking technology is a mix of various technical solutions. All experts of a solution provider company has to be fully committed to customers, separately and conjointly must do their best to meet their demands. These requirements can be fulfilled only with well educated and experienced people and they have to form a real Team. We are proud of our cheerful, family atmosphere Team where the members have been selected during years of common work. Please contact us to access the full opportunities offered by our Team.

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