At Antra ID, our experienced professionals design and implement the best automated systems and solutions to help clients improve efficiency, productivity, and safety. We have extensive knowledge and experience in intralogistics automation and use this expertise to develop customized solutions tailored to each client's unique requirements.


Our services include MTM analysis, logistics planning, system planning, customization, IT system integration, quality control, comprehensive maintenance, helpdesk, and service for hardware and software elements. This comprehensive offering allows us to assist clients in every process step, from initial planning and design to implementation and ongoing support. Additionally, our maintenance and helpdesk services ensure that implemented systems operate at their optimal levels.

Goods Delivery Solutions

We offer optimized solutions for the quantitative and qualitative acceptance of goods receipt and storage, designed considering different types of goods and packaging units. By implementing these solutions, clients can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations, leading to better customer satisfaction and enhanced profitability.

Track & Trace Solutions

Our solutions include "real-time" tracking, integration of driverless devices, and optimization of the goods delivery system to handle different types of goods and packaging units. This allows clients to have complete visibility and control over the movement and storage of goods.

Production Support Solutions

Our solutions include structured follow-up of goods, production equipment, and workers, as well as support for implementing preventive measures. This helps to ensure the quality of goods and support efficient and continuous production.

Product Uploading and Reordering Solutions

We offer automated systems that support the continuous and optimized production parts supply, including full-scale "Real-time - online" monitoring. Our team has the knowledge and experience to develop customized solutions tailored to each client's specific needs.

Inventory Solutions

We design systems for the continuous, efficient, and accurate inventory of goods and production equipment in the warehouse, production, and transport processes. These systems improve visibility and control, improving inventory management accuracy and efficiency.

Advanced applications of our solutions

Pick by Light

Pick by light is a system used in assembly operations to help workers quickly and accurately identify the parts they need to pick and assemble.

Environment & Event Logging System

Absolute control of what happened to the shipment during transport, whether over shorter or longer distances!

Covid-19 Vaccine Quality Management

During the transport of medical equipment and medicines, the requirements for the storage of medicines, vaccines…

Fixed Asset Inventory

At Antra ID, we understand that the office is the heart of your company, and we can help you ensure…

Automated Location Identification System

In the warehouse, our priority is to keep material and inventory moving efficiently and accurately…

Automated Permanent Stock-take Solution

In the warehouse, every component, material, or even a screwdriver has its place, and when using it, all you have to…

Smart Safety System for Shop Applications

Retail is about more than moving things off the shelves. Moves troops from place to place. Your business depends on the smooth flow of people and goods…

Distribution Path Finder or eCommerce

With the expansion of e-commerce, there is an increasing demand for satisfactory performance of Omni-Channel procedures, so Last…

Turbo Mobile Workstation

With tthe significant growth of both the traditional manufacturing sector and the local logistics…

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